In coaching, we used a solutioning focus framework to help clients discover their strengths and expand their potential. For those individuals who want to be more effective on the job, this service is for you if you are looking for some direction in your career.

"Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." by ICF

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In career coaching, Joanne uses various strength profiling to identify your strength and potential to work towards career excellence. The process helps you to sort out some extremely salient points related to your professional futures. The coaching directive focuses on solutioning focus and helps you achieve what you want for your professional career.

Career Coaching

Why do people engage a Career Coach?

Executive coaching focuses on enhancing leadership performance at a level where one starts to take on leadership responsibility. The individual may also be an emerging leader preparing for a manager or higher position. They are called upon to make major decisions for the organization under their scope of responsibility. Coaching can greatly assist an executive in navigating the many types of relationships from relationships with direct reports, peers, senior leadership, and professional relationships beyond the boardroom.

Mentor Coaching

Joanne is a certified mentor coach (CMC) and has gone through ICF Certified coach program approved by ICF. She has demonstrated full understanding of the ICF core competencies and the mentor coach competencies in accordance to the professional and ethical standards of ICF. Mentor coaching aims to help aspiring coaches achieve their ICF credential by focusing on the ICF core competencies and standards, most importantly helping coaches to grow and build their confidence in coaching.